A fitness star on the LES

August 31, 2010 § 1 Comment

  (Pristine, airy, LUDLOW FITNESS, accomodates working and ‘sometimes working’ actors, with grace and style)

 When we think of affordable gyms in the city, we usually think of kinda tacky, dark, somewhat dank, and sadly, often dirty (at least in my experience) places.

You know, the kind where the meatheads spend all their time loading their bars with weight to do a million different types of chest presses (I’ll lecture them on the redundancy of that another time), and none of their time UNLOADING THEM so the rest of the non-300lbs-bench-pressing-public can use the equipment…

Enter Ludlow Fitness, owned and operated by Mason Goldberg. 

Mason understands a few things that other fitness-world proprietors don’t seem to, namely: 1. How to cater to his particular demographic. 2. How to keep you smiling before, during and after 3. Oddly, how to keep a clean, user-friendly club for UNDER $500 a year… whoa… seriously?

LUDLOW FITNESS (100 Delancey Street at the corner of Ludlow, off the F, J, M, Z trains), offers top notch, state of the art equipment, with a full class schedule, clean and comfortable locker rooms, and a convenient location (even for the Brooklynite). And Mason will even give you an apple as a reward for a good workout!

“Do you know how much I spend on apples every year?” asks Mason. “Between Ludlow and Wicker Park [his Chicago Satellite club, aptly named due to its location in Chicago’s hip Wicker Park neighborhood], A LOT”…. but he’s happy to put a smile on the faces of his members and see them coming back.

His membership rates at $449 for the whole year are outrageously low considering the quality and shine of LUDLOW FITNESS. “It’s the Rolls Royce of fitness,” explains Mason, describing the equipment at LUDLOW.

Mason also believes that the no-pressure, come-as-you-are demeanor of LUDLOW helps  keep his membership coming through the doors.

“It isn’t intimidating like other clubs. It’s a great community at LUDLOW; no one cares what you are wearing, and it’s a comfortable environment, so you go more often.”

And it would have to be, given its location on the L-E-S of Manhattan, which is known way more for its artist community and rock music club nightlife (Bridges and Powerlines has played every club on Ludlow St. between Delancey and Houston) than the average neighborhood, where people like to get in their ‘post work aerobics class.’

But according to Mason, that’s all part of the fun.

“We get a lot of the artist, actor, and musician types, and they don’t care about the frills of other places that cost $150 a month…”

In addition, Mason himself, is almost ALWAYS at the club, overseeing its day to day operations. “You walk through my club and there are NO out-of-order signs,” says Mason. “People wanna know that there is someone attentive, who cares.”

And that he does. Flying between New York and Chicago, he spends a couple days here and there at Wicker Park and is also opening a second Chicago location called Southport Fitness very soon! And to my regional-working cronies, while you are working in Chicago you can enjoy the clubs there if you are member of LUDLOW.

And just in case you need an extra push to get you started, LUDLOW FITNESS has in-house personal training at the most competitive rates I’ve seen on the market, he offers $60 for a single session and $55 if you purchase packages.

“You’ll pay $150 for the same guy at Equinox,” Mason tells me… and it is literally the SAME GUY! He has top certified personal trainers working at LUDLOW FITNESS, many of whom also work for other fitness giants in the city but love going to LUDLOW because of the comfortable atmosphere Mason provides.

So check it out! The website is www.ludlowfitness.com. For us not-always-working-artists, Mason will also let you split up your payment over a period of a couple months; most other clubs will not.

I don’t know about you, but from now on, I’m workin’ out at LUDLOW FITNESS! See ya there!

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